Dinners For Eight

Dinners For Eight


  • Form new friendships!
  • Get to know others better!
  • Meet new people in our church!
  • Deepen relationships with one another!

Dinners For Eight is a very flexible program. A backyard barbecue, a buffet in one room and eat in another, or a “table for eight”, dutch treat at a local restaurant can work fine. All couples and singles are encouraged to participate. Dinners For Eight is offered once a year at the beginning of Spring. Sign up information is posted in the church bulletin.

  • People in groups of eight (four couples, or three couples plus singles) will take turns hosting each other once in their home.
  • The host is responsible for the main dish/drinks, and the other folks bring the salad and bread, vegetable and dessert.
  • The responsibilities rotate, and the process continues once a month for four consecutive months.
  • When the four months are over, you’ve had four opportunities to eat and fellowship with others in our church family.
  • Couples and singles will be grouped together to reflect a healthy blend of age, marital status, family size, etc. and will be grouped so that you will probably meet someone you do not know well – that’s part of the fun!

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