Adult Christian Education

Adult Christian Education

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Beginning June 2. Join us at 9:15 am before the Worship Service.

A Topical Look at Christian Beliefs

Leader:  Steve Ball, Ken Harris                                                                        

Location: Adult Annex 2

Steve and Ken will once again offer this “drop-in” class looking at different topics each week.  Topics will be varied but will relate to exercising our faith in today’s culture.  This class is especially designed to offer a fresh topic each week so that dropping in and out due to summer vacation schedules will not interrupt the thread of the discussion.


Winter Quarter Begins on the first Sunday of December through the last Sunday in February.
Spring Quarter – Begins the first Sunday of March through the last Sunday in May.
Summer Quarter – Begins the first Sunday of June through the last Sunday in August.
Fall Quarter – Begins on the first Sunday of September through the last Sunday in November. 


Leader:  Tom Metzbower

Location: Adult Annex 3

Isaiah’s very name means “Jehovah is Salvation.”  He was in the lineage of a king and, as such, had relatively free access to the royal courts.  His prophecies cover the following kings: Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, and he may have been sawn in half by Manasseh, Hezekiah’s son.  In all, the book of Isaiah has 66 chapters—as many chapters as there are books in the Bible.  Isaiah’s name is mentioned around 60 times in the New Testament.  His writings are the longest and offer the most Messianic prophecies in the most detail; however, the message of salvation is clearly of major importance.  Most Sundays will cover a single chapter and do not require attendance for previous chapters for understanding.

Sunday School classes are places for sharing lives, asking questions and learning.  Choose from class electives covering a variety of different topics each quarter. Class topics range from studying books of the Bible, doctrinal themes, practical Christian living, church and culture, Christian history, men’s and women’s topics, and more. Occasionally  a class that is specifically geared to a certain age group or women/men will be offered.

A special Sunday School class for newcomers:

If you are new to COG you might consider attending the Communicants class which is offered certain quarters throughout the year and taught by senior pastor Herb Ruby and/or an elder. The Communicants Class is for those seeking to learn more about our church; or interested in becoming a member; or as a refresher class.  This class is designed to communicate to newcomers our essential beliefs, our distinctive doctrines and our philosophy of ministry.  It also serves as an opportunity to get to know other newcomers and many church leaders.

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