Nursery & Toddlers

Nursery & Toddlers


Childcare is available during both the Worship Service and Sunday school in our Nursery and Toddler rooms for children under 3 years old. Both rooms are staffed by church members who volunteer.

  • STARLET INFANTS: The Starlet infant room is for newborns up to around 2 years old. It is located in the administration wing of our building. 
  • RAINBOW TODDLER ROOM: The Rainbow toddler room is for children 2 to 3 years old. it is located in the administration wing of our building.
  • PAGING PARENTS: With our wireless silent Paging System parents can enjoy services and other close by church activities knowing that they are always in touch with their children. Parents who drop off their children for nursery care are provided church nursery pagers during church so they can be reached instantly.
  • QUIET ROOM: In addition to our nursery, we have a Quiet Room available for parents to go to with their children. This room is equipped with a speaker system so parents can hear the worship service in progress. The Quiet Room is located just down the hall from the Welcome Center.

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