June 14, 2020 Worship Service

June 14, 2020 Worship Service

Song of Praise

The Sermon

Sermon Notes


Big Idea: We can be comforted by knowing that our shepherd as the equipment to protect us.

I. A good shepherd is equipped to protect.
1. The rod is a symbol of God’s righteous authority.
2. It is used to discipline straying sheep.
3. It protects against predators.
II. The staff is a symbol of God’s gracious care.
1. It is used to guide.
2. It is used to save.

Questions for Discussion/Reflection

Question 1: Share a time when you were in a situation where no authority was in a group or when you felt unsafe because no one with authority to protect was around.

Question 2: If possible, share an experience where you or a Christian you were with was able to use God’s Word to stop someone from attacking the Christian faith.

Question 3: Share a time if possible, where you felt the Holy Spirit, either by a sense of conviction or by a scripture, guided you into making a right decision.

Digging Deeper

1. In Matthew 9:36 Jesus shows he has compassion for a harassed and helpless group.  How should we feel and what might we do?

2. The second part of John 10:10 is quoted by itself, yet it is only part of the verse.  Discuss it in the context of the first part of verse 10.

3. What did you learn from John 10:14-15?

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