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How Long, O Lord?

Written by Laura Samuel

When can we eat the cake?  How long until my birthday?  How long until we get there?  When will I get married?  When will I get grandkids?  Will this line ever end?  Waiting, waiting so much waiting!

I was walking through my garden yesterday and looking at some small sprouts thinking, “will they ever grow?”  How long O Lord?  You see, being in my garden, being forced to work hard but also remembering that I cannot compel a single seed to sprout or a plant to flower or a vegetable to grow reminds me who has the power to make them grow and where my trust needs to rest.  My true hope comes only in the Lord. 

Psalm 13 is a Psalm of lament that as many Psalms do, ends in hope, much like my walk through the garden.  David begins wondering “How long, O Lord?  Will you forget me forever?”  While my garden complaint is a small picture of waiting, it is a mindset I so easily fall into.  A complaint that life’s events, big or small, are not moving at the speed we want.  In verse 2, David laments about wrestling with his thoughts and his external situation seeming to be never ending.  I can wrestle with wanting to water more, feed more, stake more, weed more to “help” my little seedlings grow.  The funny thing is I cannot give them more sun which is essential to their growth.  I cannot create more cells so they grow stronger, taller.  Only God can do these things.  I must wait.  In that waiting, I must wrestle with my impatience and my desire to “do more,” recognizing its fruitlessness.  David wrestled.  God was faithful.  He gave David a trust in Him, in His unfailing love and salvation.  God did not make all of David’s sorrows evaporate, he brought him to Himself.  As I walk through my garden, God is using my little seedlings to remind me that He has the power to make them thrive.  He is the One I need to wait on.  He is my hope, my salvation.  He has been good to me and will be good to me.

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