Graduate Recognition Sunday – May 24, 2020

Graduate Recognition Sunday – May 24, 2020

To enrich your time of worship at home, please take a look at the resources below. Particularly important is the graduate bio document. Please take a moment to review the accomplishments of our graduates and pray for them–that God would bless their futures and use their gifts for his glory!

The Sermon — Seeking a Firm Future

Sermon Notes – Seeking a Firm Future

Sermon text: Jeremiah 29: 10-13

Big Idea: Seek God wholeheartedly because His plans never fail.

  1. Our plans can fall short (v10).
    1. Interrupted plans can make us feel we’ve been abandoned
    2. Our failed plans are part of a bigger story.
  2. God has good plans for his people (v 11).
    1. His plans are for our “prosperity” (Hebrew: Shalom).
    2. His plans are for our redemption in Christ Jesus.
  3. Seeking God wholeheartedly brings hope for the future (v 12-13)

Questions for Reflection

Question 1: What plans have you made in the last few months that have fallen short? What plans are you uncertain about for the future?

Question 2: Do you ever struggle with believing that God’s desire is for your good and wholeness? Do you ever wonder whether he has the power to make you whole?

Question 3: Have you experienced a time when you sought after God wholeheartedly in a crisis or time of uncertainty? How did he meet you in your need?

Digging Deeper

Question 1: Read Jeremiah 29: 4-9, the first part of Jeremiah’s letter to the Babylonian exiles.  If Christians are “exiles” in the world (1 Peter 2:11), how might this passage apply to our perspectives on our lives now?


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