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Youth Missions & Fundraisers

Going on a short-term mission’s trip is nothing less than latching on to God’s colossal plan to reach humankind with the Good News of Christ. Done right, that endeavor reaps at least 3 huge benefits:

  1. Benefit: Our Maximum Growth. Our personal walk with Christ will change; we will experience His love and presence in our life in powerful and new ways.
  1. Benefit: Other’s Maximum Good. Jesus engaged in public ministry to turn people to God and show them his love and as followers of Christ we are to replicate Jesus by loving others by helping them and meeting whatever needs they may have.
  1. Benefit: God’s Maximum Glory. Our motivation for missions starts with the Bible command to “go and make disciples of all nations..”(Mt. 28:19-20) God calls us to be a witness everywhere by demonstrating God love for us to everyone.  God wants to use us in the world, not keep us on the shelf. 1 Peter 2:9-10

Our youth/families and adult chaperons have been on multiple domestic and international trips over the years. Past destinations have included Toronto, Montana, Peru and Costa Rica. We also do weekend inner city service trips that have included Philadelphia, Washington DC and New York City.

Through Gods help we’ve spread the gospel in both word and deed and have had the pleasure to serve those in many walks of life, from the homeless to elderly and from children to refugees.  Our missions activities have ranged from community service to kids clubs on Indian reservations and from construction projects to working in food kitchens.