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Witnessing and Assurance Memory Verse N

Now this is eternal life:  that we may know you, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.”  John 17:3

Commentary:  Believing in Jesus Christ gives us eternal life.  That is specifically the promise Jesus makes in John 3:16, the great summary of the gospel.  But when does eternal life begin?  For many people the idea of eternal life is a future reality:  You don’t have eternal life until you die and go to heaven.  But that is not what Jesus teaches.  Here he makes it abundantly clear that eternal life is a present relationship with God.  It is not an experience off in the distant future.  Eternal life comes when we receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  By having him in our life we know the true God – the gracious, forgiving, God who sent his Son to die for us.  When we trust in Jesus we have a personal relationship with God that will never end.  Eternal life begins with faith in the Savior and will never stop.  When we die a physical death, eternal life doesn’t begin, we merely make a transition from earthly life to life in heaven.

So let us live our life on earth in the perspective that we are living eternal life – now!

Prayer:  Dear Jesus,  When you came into my life you gave me forgiveness and a future.  But may I see eternal life as something I am to realize every day.  Help me to live with confidence and hope that I am living eternal life now.  Help me to enjoy my relationship with you now and look forward to an even greater intimacy in the future.

In your name Jesus I pray.