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Youth & Family Ministries

Welcome to Covenant of Grace Presbyterian Youth Ministry






The goal of our student ministry is to Expose youth to God’s love, to Equip them to Exalt God, Enjoy other believers and Experience the work of the ministry.

Expose = Evangelism
Equip = Discipleship
Exalt= Worship
Enjoy = Fellowship
Experience = Ministry

At Covenant of Grace we have both High School and Middle School youth group. Both of these youth group nights exist to help implement our vision of growing our youth in these areas of fellowship, evangelism, worship, discipleship and ministry. We also have special events and activities targeted towards one or several of these areas.

Our Youth Ministry is Family Centered.

We at Covenant of Grace are constantly seeking to become more effective in partnering with families.

According to Barna Research group; Teens list parents as their top spiritual-growth influencers at 38%.
Coming in at a distant second at 7% was youth leaders, pastors and the church.
Parents play the central role in developing their children’s faith growth. The church is here to help both parents
and youth.These two combined influences, church and family, create synergy and build everyday faith.

But more important than statistics is the biblical evidence for a family  focused ministry. “There is only one reason for the church of Jesus Christ to commit itself to family ministry. In the Bible, God tells us He created the institution of family to advance the gospel and build His kingdom. The family is a Great Commission institution. He calls parents to be the primary spiritual trainers of their children at home (see Gen. 1:28; 18:18-19; Deut. 6:5-7; Psalm 78; Acts 2:38-39). God created marriage for the purpose of spiritual discipleship (Eph. 5) and the raising of the next generation for the glory of God (Mal. 2:13-16).

God then called the early church to equip the family for spiritual success. The church brought families together for worship. The church trained parents, particularly fathers, to disciple their children at home (Eph. 6:4). The church called married men and women to prioritize their ministry and commitment to their spouse above all others (Eph. 5). Men were not qualified to serve as pastors/elders if they were not already serving as the loving spiritual leader of their homes (Titus 1:5). The early church advanced the gospel in and through families, and we must do the same. ” (Excerpt from an article by Dr. Rob Rienow.  A pastor, author and founder of Visionary Family Ministries – VisionaryFam.com.)

Therefore we are committed to partner the youth ministry with families and with the church family.