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Small Groups

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Welcome to Covenant of Grace’s COG Small Group ministry!

The term “COG” not only represents the initials of our church name, it also symbolizes the value of being connected. You see, a “COG” is a tooth on a gear wheel. Alone a “COG” is limited in its usefulness, but when that cog is placed on a gear wheel and then connected to other gears it will fulfill it’s purpose. In that same way cog groups help each one of us fulfill our purpose by connecting to God and to one another. COG Groups are a place to share our stories, support one another and grow deeper in our faith.

Read below to discover more about COG Small Groups:


What is a COG Group?

A cog group is a small group of people meeting during the week to grow deeper in their relationship with one another and with Christ. Covenant has about fifteen groups each consisting of a leader and anywhere from six to fifteen people who meet at least twice per month.

Where and when do COG Groups meet?

Each cog group is usually held in the relaxed atmosphere of someone’s home. Occasionally a group will meet at church. While most groups occur in the evening we do occasionally have daytime groups. We try to schedule meeting times to fit various schedules and various locations so that everyone can find a group that fits their own needs.

What do COG Groups do when they meet?

Cog groups last from 2 to 3 hours and are led by experienced church leaders who, many times, host small groups in their own homes. Cog groups follow a format that includes fellowship, study and discussion, refreshments, sharing and prayer. Study topics feature a book or Bible study or a DVD-based study and change annually. Each Fall a different, compelling small group curriculum is launched and used church-wide by most small group leaders.

How do I join a COG Group?

You can join anytime, but August is when we promote open church wide sign-ups. Our annual small group ministry schedule usually corresponds with the school year. Most groups begin in September following the August open sign-up period. Some groups continue year-round, others take a summer recess. Some participants choose to sign up in the same group each August, others choose to sign up in a different group each year. It is totally up to you! Small group sign-up tables will be set up in the church office hallway and main front entrance in August.

What are participants saying about COG Groups?

Through small groups we bonded with a cross-section of members from COG, friends that we expect to have for the rest of our lives. – Jerry & Laurie

I felt a stronger connection not only with our dear Lord, but with our church family after spending time in our small group. – Vicki

The small group I joined made me feel like I was a part of a family. The friendships built and experiences shared are really priceless to me.  – James

I gained a lot by listening to different perspectives in our small group. I had never been a part of a small group before attending Covenant and it has made a big difference in my life. – Delilah

The small group setting provided a unique setting of Christian fellowship and joint study and prayer necessary to bring God more firmly into our lives. – Richard

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 To join a COG Group or learn more about COG Groups contact Pastor John Aldrich at jealdrich@comcast.net 

For questions call the church office.   For the most current information about upcoming events please refer to our HOME web page.